Welcome to Mensches with Wrenches!!

So, what is a mensch? In short, a mensch is a person who can be relied on to act with honor and integrity and can be trusted to do the right thing.

Steven Holtzman and Brad Goverman are two mensches who want to give back to the community by helping those in need of handy man services. If we agree to help, you will pay only for any materials used plus a nominal $25 fee that we will donate to a local church or synagogue.

Some Things we will do:

  1. Basic plumbing, (leaky faucets, toilet repair, eg)
  2. Basic Electrical work (loose wiring, bulb replacement, fixture hanging, eg)
  3. Small touch-up painting jobs
  4. Exterior maintenance (deck repair, drafty doors, eg)
  5. Picture hanging
  6. Furniture assembly, or moving and/or re-arranging
  7. Organizing, or re-organizing closets and storage areas for better accessibility

Some Things we won’t do:

  1. Any job that would normally take more than 1 day, or require a professional carpenter, plumber or electrician to perform
  2. Anything requiring more than an A-type ladder, no extension ladders
  3. Shoveling snow
  4. Cleaning windows
  5. Pet care
  6. Vacuuming, cleaning tile, washing floors, doing laundry
  7. We will NOT…under ANY circumstances… refuse baked goods.